Oil & gas

Oil & gas

The oil and gas industry entails the exploration, extraction, refining, transporting, and marketing of petroleum products such as fuel oil and gasoline (petrol). Oil accounts for a significant percentage of the world’s energy use, ranging from a 32 percent lowfor Europe and Asia to a 53 percent high for the Middle East. As it is the raw material for many chemical goods, including pharmaceutical products, fertilizers, pesticides, solvents, and plastics, petroleumis essential to many industries.

Industry and megatrends

The exploration aspects of oil & gas are both demanding and challenging and hence requires the range of products and equipment used to have high performance and durability. The frequently used components such as risers, wellheads, Christmas tree system, BOP, jack-up rigs, flow lines, etc. are also continually exposed to environmental erosion and wear. As such, the demand and expectation of high performing technologies used to manufacture and repair componentsare always high and ongoing.

Dura-Metal supported the Oil & Gas industry with the introduction of hardfacing technologies via welding and thermal spray methods. The aim of hardfacing is to improve the profiles of the components while preserving their efficiency in the production conditions at the same time.

Our product range includes welding & surface coating equipment and consumables as well as product development on stainless steels, high-strength low-alloy and non-ferrous materials. In addition, Dura-Metal plays a vital role in the joint development of equipmentparts for the various Oil & Gas industry’s applications.

Some of our applications:

  • Laser Cladding on Stabilizers
  • HVOF coating on gate, valves and seats
  • PTA welding on seats
  • ID cladding on drilling tools
  • Junk mill & Fishing tools
  • Drill pipe hardbanding
  • Oilfield stabilizers with inserts
  • Pump rotor with HVOF
  • Laser cladding on sleeves and collars
  • 2-step Spray & Fuse on rods
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