Aerospace industry

The aerospace development and repair industry is a high-technology field that produces aircraft, guided missiles, space vehicles, aircraft engines, propulsion units and related parts.

Industry and megatrends

Over the past two decades, the global aerospace and aviation industries are steadily rising and will continue to do so over the next two decades. Singapore itself has a wide pool of more than 100 aerospace companies, and with contributions of more than a quarter of the Asian OEM and MRO industry, Singapore has become the leading aviation hub in Asia-Pacific. 

Singapore has also been actively involved in a growing number of aerospace designs and manufacturing operations. Companies are rapidly leveraging the existing capabilities of Singapore in precision engineering and electronics to enable the development of complicated aero-engine components. Engine blades, gears, valves, engine casing are some of the products manufactured and repaired in Singapore. And on the R&D front, Boeing, EADS, Pratt and Whitney and Rolls-Royce have made commitments to partner A STAR Singapore and its research institutes to jointly carry out aerospace-related research.

Dura-Metal has also played its part in supporting the industry with our welding and laser cladding cold spray technologies.

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