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Welding and thermal spraying -

Welding and thermal spraying

KOS-Technika is a distributor of equipment and consumables for surface coating, thermal spraying and welding from Dura Metal.

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Together with Dura-Metal, we offer expertise in advanced welding and thermal spraying technologies, powder materials and other consumables such as electrodes, wires and welding rods adapted to a wide range of advanced industrial applications. Through years of research, development and testing in production conditions, Dura-Metal has developed a full range of high-quality atomized metals for use in the production process and in 3D printing technology. In the production of metal powder, Dura-Metal Alloy uses a precisely controlled atomization process, and the product quality control process begins from the first stage of production.

Each metal powder is a specialized mixture that has been developed to achieve specific parameters in the production/regeneration process and appropriate performance levels. Knowledge about production and screening allows full control over the particle shape and gradation distribution of each type of powder and its chemical properties. The powder particles are subjected to special procedures to obtain uninterrupted powder flow through the nozzles and to reduce oxides and impurities.

In addition, we offer powders in sample quantities for testing.

We are able to prepare powders or their mixtures according to the customer’s specifications and, in cooperation with the Singapore Institute of Technology, carry out the process of creating a product tailored to the specific needs of the customer’s process.

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