Waste & recycling

Waste & recycling industry

General waste comprises of wood products, general metal products, plastics, glass, batteries, medical waste, hazardous waste incineration, etc. This is a very large field and there are several common technologies to process the broad range of waste: shredders, high abrasion & impact hammers and incinerators. These are niche applications with difficult abrasion, impact and corrosion problems.

Industry and megatrends

With the rising awareness of global warming and quality standards expectations, industries are doing their part by seeking ways to improve their methodologies and efficiencies through recycling instead of scrapping used parts. Customization of automation, equipment, tools, fixtures and system is expected in order to achieve these. However, organizations on their own can have certain limitations to the required expertise in implementation and applications.

As such, Dura-Metal supported the industry with the introduction of our in-house technologies using welding and thermal spray methods to support and extend the service life of waste & recycling components and assembly like crusher, shredders, hammers, boiler tubes in incinerator, blades and mill teeth, etc. Our product range includes welding and coating equipment and consumables as well as product development on OEM hammer wear parts subjected to high load and high wear.

Some of our applications:

  • Glass recycling hammer
  • Ripping rollers
  • Tire shredder knives
  • Shredder rotors
  • General scrap hammers
  • Recycling press
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